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Not many people know that I am an artist and have painted off and on for more than 50 years.  It is something that I have always enjoyed, but my busy life kept me from it. It was never a priority for me, but something changes as you get older, you start to put your life in order and realize, this is it - the Autumn of my life is here - enjoy it while you can. Upon retirement in 2019, I made painting a priority.


My art is always inspired by nature. I take note of every tree, leaf, bird, stream, and sunset. My summer studio is located on Lily Lake near Harrison, Michigan. There is a glorious abundance of beauty that surrounds me there. Many times a walk in the nearby woods is my inspiration for a painting. The fern-covered forest floor beckons to be painted and the heron at the water’s edge inspires me. When I am not painting plein air, I take hundreds of photos and use them as references for my paintings.  I may use a tree from one photo and a sunset from another.  That’s the gift of creativity - do what you feel, and see where it takes you. My winter home is in central Ohio. This rural setting offers opportunities to paint different landscapes and many beautiful historic barns. No matter where life takes me, I am always looking for the next opportunity to find the perfect composition for my next painting.


My early art instruction came from Greenville, Ohio wildlife artist, Nancy Foureman. I took weekly classes from Nancy when my children were babies.  It was my escape!  I remember my first watercolor class when Nancy gave me a huge sheet of watercolor paper.  I was so intimidated by the size because I was always such a tight detailed artist.  She forced me to loosen up.



Over the years, my art led me to different mediums and different subjects to paint, but I am most comfortable painting with acrylics on canvas. I paint very quickly and complete most paintings in one evening. Acrylics deliver the vivid colors that I like to use in my paintings and they dry quickly so they are a good fit for me.


I am excited to continue to paint, exhibit, and sell my work in Ohio and at my Lily Lake studio in Michigan.

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